Workspace tips

Start a productive week by creating the right mood for your workspace. Yes, your desk may be the most chaotic place throughout the day, but it’s also the best place for a makeover. With these tips, maintaining a magazine-esque workspace will be no mission impossible.

1. Choose a color palette

Repeat colours but disperse them evenly throughout the space. Whether you go for earth tones, monochrome, or pastels, colours set the fundamental atmosphere for your working style. A harmonious colour combination helps your mind and space stay focused.

2. Hang, don’t pile.

Piles of documents, flyers, and gadgets can grow and occupy your desk. You can avoid losing important or inspiring pieces by making use of wall space or even a mood board. An old-fashioned mood board will still serve you well, even when everyone is bookmarking inspiration online. A physical mood board will encourage you to display artifacts more mindfully than a digital board, and you’ll be able to pay better attention to textures and forms.

3. Mix heights, shapes, and textures.

Your workspace undertakes tons of tasks every day, so finding a good balance of comfortable and aesthetically pleasing can be difficult. Here’s a styling tip to help. When objects are similar in height, shape or texture, mix those with different colours together; when they are different, balance your scene by grouping objects in the same colour palette ensemble.

4. Keep inspiration close at hand.

This one is for those who feel dried up from the daily grind. Art pieces, quotes, photos, postcards… load up on creative boosters and stay inspired.

5. Take advantage of natural light.

Proper lighting is critical for your work, especially natural lighting. Getting more natural light during the day helps you sleep better at night, and paves way for better health, a better mood and more productivity.

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