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Spotlight on: Ergoform

The uplifting story behind Ergoform, a South African office furniture designer, is remarkably uplifting and something we just had to share! It all began 25 years ago when designer, Leon Roodt, made the big, bold and daunting decision to resign from his management and training consultant job in order to persue his lifelong dream to become a furniture designer. Working out of his garage, Roodt embarked on his new adventure. His first ever job was to design and build a large Imbuia desk for a friend from university. He recalls that it was a complete disaster and total mess but is forever grateful for the lessons learned and the experience. 25 years after making that desk out of his garage, Roodt’s determination, skills and expertise have gotten him to where he is today. “From the outset, I wanted to design and manufacture my own ideas. I pride myself on the fact that even today, should I have to, I can make any one of our products myself.” says Roodt. Ergoform has grown to be a fully operational company that currently has 48 employees. They design and manufacture their own products and consistently develop new product ranges in response to market trends and requirements. Each design makes use of a bright and vibrant colour palette. Leon Roodt explains that Ergoform is all about clean lines and relatively minimalist designs, with the concept of less is more underpinning their design philosophy. Roodt says he is not done yet and that his mission is to become one of the best furniture manufacturers in the world! He believes (and so do we) that South Africa is more than capable of producing furniture that is of an international standard but without the extravagant price tags that come with imported pieces. We are truly inspired by this amazing success story! Just like their products, the tale behind Ergoform is vibrant and successful! ergoform3 ergoform1 ergorform2 Contact: Ergoform

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