Able improves productivity in the workplace

In a milestone report, the World Green Building Council recognised that the concept of an efficient workplace has to go further than a simple certification, in order to analyse a building’s positive impact on employees and organisations. The design of an office therefore has a high impact on health, wellbeing and productivity of its occupants. For the last fifteen years, Able has been creating flexible and productive interior spaces which improve staff morale and efficiency within corporate environments.

Able walling systems
Able enables designers, architects and end-users to create stylish, functional and elegant spaces using the brand’s innovative flexible walling systems, which come with an extensive range of finishes and acoustic solutions. Able has the necessary experience to transform your office into a more productive and cohesive space. The company’s 50mm solid or glass flexible walling systems are full-height demountable, flexible, floor-to-ceiling partitioning systems. Made from an aluminium framework, the system is ideally suited to any interior space that requires internal walls to demarcate spaces and create privacy.
The 50mm flexible walling is available with a variety of finishes to select from which can be made to match your corporate identity. Finishes include glass, fabric, whiteboard, veneer, wallpaper or paint. It is quick, clean and easy to install allowing out-of-office hours installation thereby limiting disruption to your business. These demountable walls are reusable and can be dismantled and refurbished (if required) whenever the need arises. Plus, Able’s flexible walling systems can also be moved and reassembled at another branch or building as desired. Visit:


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