Collaborative workspaces

Businesses often struggle to offer effective collaborative spaces, which is why Inspiration Office, an Africa-wide office space and furniture consultancy have had years of experience building conference rooms and other formal meeting spaces to facilitate large group work processes, efficient client exchanges of information and decision making.

Noted for their innovation, improved productivity and speedy decision making, these collaborative, less structured workspaces are highly valued by the people who use them. The trend to establish comfortable, informal collaborative spaces within offices has taken hold in Europe and the US over the past few years and is expected to accelerate here in 2017. These spaces typically consist of things like screened off areas, perch tables with high stools, booths with comfortable ottomans and chairs, they are easy to move to a new office. This gives people the option to grow by supporting brainstorming, small unplanned meetings, videoconferencing and project team work.
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