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Jul 20, 2019

Zebbies: Outdoor Lighting Tips To Transform Your Home

Outdoor lighting can turn a dull backyard into a wonderfully exciting and invigorating space. A place for entertaining and relaxation on those warmer summer evenings. So today, we’re sharing some top tips to help your transform your outdoor spaces with the perfect lighting from Zebbies.

Layered Lighting For the Win!

Be sure to invest in a wonderful mix of lighting for your outdoor spaces and incorporate the three basic types: ambient, task, and accent. Ambient lighting can be achieved through hanging lights, wall mounted lighting and more. Task lighting includes pathway lights, plus deck and security lights while accent outdoor lighting adds a little charm with interesting landscape lights and spotlights.

Plan Your Space

Measure up and decide upfront how much lighting your outdoor spaces will need. If you’re planning a seating area, be sure that it is well lit. Plan ahead before you go out to shop for the right fixtures. Be sure to look for hard-wearing outdoor lighting which will stand up well under the elements.

Incorporate LEDS outside

LED lighting is a wonderful addition to any space, including the outside of your home. Not only are LEDs lighter on your electrical bill, but they offer maintenance-free lighting that is sure to add style and illumination to those interesting outdoor areas.

Add Security Lights

Outdoor security lights are great for adding illumination in those darker nooks in your backyard. They will not only add to the ambience of your home but will also help to keep your home secure.

Find a wide range of lighting for the inside and outside of your home at Zebbies.


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