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Lighting Dec 10, 2021

Zebbies: Outdoor Entertaining

When creating a lighting design for your home, the indoor entertaining spaces are one of the first to be thought of despite South African’s generally hosting and entertaining outdoors. Often lighting outdoor entertaining areas is forgotten and guests are either blinded by a flood light or there is no adequate light at all… Here are a few creative tips on how to light your outdoor entertaining areas.

Having different levels of light in your entertaining space adds a sense of magic to your space.

Utilise the texture created by smaller light sources like string lights, fairy lights or even foot lights placed around the exterior of your space to create a dramatic mood light around your entertaining space and provide a magical ambient lighting source.

Another option is to add LED Strip lights or downlights underneath counters which (when connected to a dimmer module) gives the option of how much light is needed as the sun sets. We recommend having a separate task or general light placed on a separate switch for additional functionality.

Entertaining areas aren’t always right outside the home. Draw attention to an out-of-the-way entertaining space with a dramatic wall light which can act as a beacon to lead guests to the area. While also providing a general light for the area, we suggest making use of an up/down light or a similar light with a creative wash of light.

Create ambiance without distracting the eye through up-lighting. We aren’t used to light emitting upwards which make up-lights a memorable lighting technique. There are many fittings that can achieve this look in a different way. The easiest way is to use a spike light and face it upwards, although this only works on soft ground. For areas with concrete or paving, we suggest using a hidden footlight, or even a smaller floodlight aimed upwards can achieve the effect. 

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