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Jan 29, 2019

Zebbies: How to Liven Up Your Space With Pendant Lighting

The beauty, functionality and versatility of a pendant could be one of the handiest lighting solutions you could get to make your home more captivating and inspiring for your family and friends.

Pendant lights can be used to liven up a dull space in the variety of colours and shapes available. This is a fantastic way to achieve that modern, stylish and contemporary look creating a touch of elegance to any room.

Pendant lights help to establish the style of a room and are a great element to add to your overall décor design.

Here are a few basic guidelines that can prove to be very helpful when hanging your pendant lights:

Hanging multiple pendants over a table will help create sufficient light as well as a dramatic finish to your overall décor.

These can be hung in line or clustered at different heights by using the rule of odds threes or fives which can create quite an impact in your space.

You could simply hang one lone pendant in a strategic space working as functional lighting as well as a minimalistic lighting solution depending on your overall home design.

When hanging pendants over a table they should sit 900mm above the table surface sitting eye level as not to break your overall design and 300mm in on either side.

Another way to calculate your spacing when hanging three pendants is to take the total length of the table and divide it by 4 to give you equal spacing and creating your desired overall all look.

Pendants work great over any task area as they create a pool of light. However, should you just be looking to create a feature, simply choosing the correct globe will be of great importance.

When choosing your decorative feature light, it should always be in keeping with the overall style of the room and furnishings to create your point of impact within your space.

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