The rise of brass lighting

Brass is also enjoying a huge revival, which is seen in Arora Lighting’s series of modern fittings and lights. Beaten, folded or polished – designers are celebrating it’s luxurious, yet industrial appeal, making everything from chandeliers, pendant lights, tables, dressers, chairs, bath and kitchen fixtures and decorative accessories out of this ancient metal.


During the digital revolution of the 90’s, homeowners were looking for space age, minimal, high tech environments and there was a strong emphasis on cool metallics like chrome and aluminium, however, now as we move further into the 2000’s people are finding a new found comfort in the past. Whether it be the handcrafted products or vintage pieces that we buy, we are enjoying products with a story, character, and a hand-wrought craftsmanship to them.

Relatively affordable, brass is the perfect metal for adding an element of  luxury, timelessness and artisanship into 21st century interiors. Our favourite design schemes combine a mix of natural materials, clean modern lines and monochromatic colour schemes enhanced with small injections of warm brass.


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