‘The Big Bubble’ Light by Alex de Witte

Wow! How cool are these statement lights?! I just love The Big Bubble design by Dutch designer Alex de Witte! His designs are anything but subtle and always start a great conversation. Bold, big, impressive, dominating, fearless, his inspiration comes from his favourite childhood pastime… blowing bubbles! These amazing lights are made from blown glass and with an organic creating process are always unique. No two Big Bubble Lights are alike, influenced by the environment in which they hang. These lights are a testament to modern design yet work in both contemporary and classical settings. The Big Bubble for Dark are available from the European Lighting and Design Company and vary in size – from 85 to 115 cm in length. We’re not surprised that it won the first prize in the best product category at 2013 Design District Amsterdam! Absolutely awesome!

The Big Bubble1
The Big Bubble2
Contact: www.eldc.co.za


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