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Talking outdoor lighting trends with Eagle Lighting

Winter is finally here and with that comes the need for warmth and additional lighting during the cold and grey days and nights. Not only does lighting encourage heat, it also performs a security function as studies show that increased outdoor lighting discourages incidents of robbery.

We spoke to Eagle Lighting‘s Project Manager, Ryan Carthew about the benefits and trends in outdoor lighting. This is what he had to say…

How do we achieve the benefits of outdoor lighting without compromising on trends?

Lighting trends tend towards the effect of the light, as well as the ability to create warmth and limiting light pollution. Generally, outdoor lighting should be used in the range of 2700k-3000k. The result will be a softer and warmer lighting experience in the area. Security lighting is of course more functional and LED floodlight are more the trend. A large amount of light focused in a specific area reduces the risk of intrusion. Motion sensors are also a very good option for added security.

Which Eagle Lighting products help to achieve these goals?

With effect lighting, directional fittings are a great way to focus light either up or down a wall without creating a direct reflect-effect. Furthermore, no light is cast directly into the eye. The use off ground spike lights are also popular when the desire is to highlight shrubbery and trees. Eagle Lighting has a wide range of bulkheads and outdoor lanterns. For security purposes, I recommend the use of LED floodlights which are effective and low on power consumption.

What should electrical distributors look out for when installing outdoor lights?

A good distributor will consider the client’s budget first and foremost. The electrical provisions on the property are also important, as well as the effect the client is trying to create.

What is the best way to create warmth and mood in outdoor lighting?

The best way to create warmth is by using warm white lamps and fittings. How would one enhance a garden’s natural features?

Smaller ground spikes are inconspicuous on the ground while still creating a beautiful effect on trees and shrubbery. As a directional light, it can be turned away from the eye. How can apartments make use of outdoor lighting without having a garden?

In lofts or apartments, the use of outdoor lighting is typically for effect. Wall directional lights and ground spikes for pot plants are very popular.

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