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May 16, 2019

Swarovski Shines At Euroluce 2019

Swarovski’s booth at Euroluce 2019 was inspired by the four elements – earth, air, fire and water. This is exactly what’s required to make the magical fifth element: crystal!

Crystal Has a Soul

Swarovski has always aimed to add form to a sense of magic – otherwise known as “the fifth element”. This is why they they so proud of this year’s bespoke installation, Anima Mirage. The concept involved seeing crystal as a living organism, and thereby capturing its soul in light. The results were simply breathtaking.

New at Swarovski Crystal Palace

Exciting new collections fill Swarovski’s booth with an ethereal ambience. From sculptural luminaires that recall the way light dances across water to pieces that reflect the way the sky bends light, Swarovski Crystal Palace opens up a new direction in contemporary lighting.

Technically Chic

The sleek, refined and understated Swarovski Contemporary collection is all about luxury minimalism. This year, a new family known as Vibrant adds a further dimension of sophistication, introducing utilitarian design that recalls the elegant angles of a  technical drawing.

Nature’s Beauty

The elegant and opulent traditional collection, Schonbek, is synonymous with time-honoured chandeliers of artisanal quality. For 2019, it introduces two new families: Florijana, with elaborate curlicues that resemble an unfurling fern; and Droplet, which suspends crystals mid-air like frozen water. Mesmerizing.

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