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Jul 19, 2019

Spotlights vs Downlights: Which Radiant Lighting Option is Right for your Space?

Lighting is always an important element of any interior project. Whether you’re planning a space from scratch or simply making updates, having a strategy will result in lighting that enhances your interior and compliments your decor.

Spotlights and downlights are two popular choices for interior lighting but are often confused. To make matters even more complicated, each of them is known by an alternative name too. If you’re unsure which of these lighting options will work best in your space, the following explanations should assist you in deciding.


Spotlights are mounted on a mounting plate or fixed bracket. However, when two or more spotlights are arranged along a narrow track, they are sometimes referred to as track lighting. This track is mounted to a junction box and provides power to the lights. Because spotlights are mounted directly to the ceiling, there’s no need for structural remodelling and the installation process is minimally invasive.

Spotlights are usually used to showcase certain objects in a room, whether it be artwork, a cabinet or an unusual architectural feature. The lamps are adjustable and can be positioned at the desired angle to emit a narrow beam of light in the direction of your chosen object.


While spotlights highlight a specific object or area in a room, downlights are used for general illumination as they offer an even spread of light over a wide area. Downlights are sometimes referred to as recessed lights because they are installed above the ceiling line. This requires multiple holes and rewiring and it’s advisable that a qualified electrician carries out the installation. Although the positioning and spacing of downlights are dependent on the amount of light required in the room, it’s generally agreed that they should be installed 1m from the walls and spaced 1m to 1.5 metres apart.

In terms of design, downlights are far more subtle than spotlights and don’t demand attention because they seemingly blend in with the ceiling. This makes them a great option for small rooms or rooms with low ceilings were large fixtures would not fit the scale of the room.

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