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Lighting Sep 1, 2021

Spotlight: Turning The Light on with Zebbies

For a number of decades, Zebbies has been a reputable lighting supplier in South Africa – bringing us the latest in lighting trends and concepts to SA shores. We hear from the Zebbies team about making the right lighting choices for your space.

A proud legacy in lighting

Zebbies Lighting has been South Africa’s preferred Lighting Supplier for over 59 years. With an exclusive range of quality lighting products, Zebbies’ award-winning sales consultants are able to assist customers in creating the ideal lighting solution for any home’s design.

What are some considerations when choosing lighting for an interior?

When choosing interior lighting for a room, we always recommend looking at how the space will be used. For example, should the room host activities, Task lighting with bright and focused lights will need to be used. If the room requires a calm and tranquil atmosphere, accent or mood lighting will be utilised. Some rooms, like an open-plan kitchen-dining room is the hub of a family home and require more than one function, where we recommend using dimmers and separate switches to provide the flexibility in lighting function.

When planning a lighting scheme – where does one begin?

The ability to plan a full lighting solution for a room’s design is a gift that we hate to see go to waste. Instead of just a single source of light, we recommend a layered lighting approach. Opt for various types of lighting (i.e. Task Lighting, Accent Lighting and Ambient Lighting) for different functions placed throughout the room, with each light on a separate switch to provide flexibility to the rooms’ function.

What is your essential checklist for a completed lighting scheme?

A room needs to feel comfortable and stylish while also being practical. There’s no use having a beautiful light fitting if it’s too bright for the room and you can’t use it.

Any exciting projects or collaborations Zebbies is involved in?

We love selling local products which is why we have a new range of Locally Manufactured woven polyester rope fittings. A group of empowered woman from a community on the South Coast of KZN are designing and constructing the most beautiful range of pendants, table lamps and standing lamps for us. This is an ongoing project with them and we can’t wait to see what they create next!

You have a vast portfolio of products. What makes your ranges different from your competitors?

Zebbies has an exclusive range of superior quality fittings, many that we have designed ourselves in order to stay ahead of current local and international trends.

What’s the perfect place to indulge with lighting in a home?

A series of on-trend pendants placed over a kitchen island are our favourite place to indulge as this is the busiest room in the home and it’s where the family comes together.

What’s your motto at Zebbies?

Our aim is to exceed our customers’ expectations at all times.

Any awards Zebbies have won?

  • Best in Lighting Daily Mail (KZN) for the past 7 years
  • ‘Best Lighting Company’ Pretoria News Readers’ Choice Best of the Best
  • HomeImprovement4U’s Top 25 most popular for 2020 (Cape Town)

Light up your home or office with Zebbies.

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