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Lighting Jun 2, 2020

Radiant: Three Points To Consider When Choosing A Ceiling Light

When we think about lighting in a room our minds automatically go to fixtures that are installed in the ceiling. Ceiling-mounted fixtures are the most common form of ambient lighting and provide a space with general illumination so that the room’s occupant can move about comfortably and safely.

While the functionality of your ceiling light is paramount, equally as important is the aesthetic role it plays. Selecting a ceiling fixture in the wrong size can make the entire room look off-balance and unappealing. Here we share some useful tips to help you choose the perfect ceiling light…

When shopping around for a ceiling light the first three things you need to consider are:

1. The different types of ceiling lights – the following four styles require you to measure the size of the room and the height of the ceiling.

  • Flush Mount Ceiling Light – these have low projection from the ceiling. They’re mounted right up against the ceiling and consume the least space when compared to semi-flush mounts, pendants and chandeliers.
  • Semi-flush Mount Ceiling Light – these are similar to flush mounts but hang down several centimetres leaving a space between the ceiling and the fixture.
  • Pendant – these are highly decorative and pack a visual punch. They typically come with a chain, cable, or suspension and can be adjusted to achieve the ideal hanging height for your specific space.
  • Chandelier – these are attention grabbing fixtures, characterised by multiple branches, housing individual light sources. They come in a range of styles and sizes to suit almost every interior style.

2) The size of the room – this will tell you the ideal diameter of your ceiling light:

2m length x 2m width = 33cm diameter

2m length x 3m width = 42 cm diameter

3m length x 3m width = 50 cm diameter

4m length x 2m width = 58cm diameter

4m length x 3m width = 58cm diameter


3) The height of the ceiling. This will tell you the ideal drop of your ceiling light.

Ceiling height vs approximate drop:

2,15m = <15cm drop

2,3m = 15 – 30 cm drop

2,45m = 25 – 35cm drop

2,6m = 35 – 45cm drop

2,75m = 55 – 85cm drop

3m = 85 – 105cm drop

3,35m = 105 – 130cm

3,65m = 130 – 165cm

4m = 165 – 195cm

4,25m = 195 – 225cm

4,5m = 225cm + drop


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