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Lighting Sep 12, 2021

Radiant Lighting: 5 Tips For Your Rental Apartment

It’s difficult to put your own stamp on your home when you’re renting and limited to making any significant changes. We’re here to help with inspired lighting advice from Radiant Lighting.

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Different rentals have different policies. If drilling holes into the ceiling or walls is not an option for you, then supplementing your ceiling light with floor and table lamps is going to be your best option. Choose lamps with light coloured shades in hues of white, cream or grey.

They offer a soft, comforting glow while keeping the apartment feeling cheery and bright. Dark lampshades in an already small space can look cluttered and gloomy.


A dark, dingy rental bathroom can make your morning and evening routine unpleasant. This is especially true if natural light is limited or non-existent. A mirror light installed above the sink consists of a mirror with a built-in light source.

This type of fixture is great if you’re short on space or can’t install additional ceiling fixtures, as is often the case in a rental apartment.


Don’t neglect dark corners. Illuminate them with appropriate fixtures to draw the eye across the room, making the space feel larger.

Fixtures placed in corners should not be treated as an afterthought. They should complement your decor style and produce a soft, warm light. Carefully consider the placement of your other light fixtures too.

Too many fixtures in one area can look cluttered and leaves dark pools of light in other places. Larger rooms may call for a light source in each corner of the room.


Framed photographs and other cherished objects should be bathed in light to draw attention to them. Backlighting artwork or a flat screen TV can give even the smallest rental apartment a polished look. Areas where task-oriented activities take place, such as a desk or kitchen island, benefit from bright, direct light.

By being intentional with your lighting choices, you elevate the look and feel of a small rental space.


Swapping out an existing ceiling mount fixture for one more suited to your decor style is easy. Simply unscrew and replace with the new fixture. Just be sure to keep the original fixture somewhere safe so that you can reinstall it when you move out. If you don’t want to change the ceiling fixture, then try swapping out just the bulb.

A bulb with a different colour temperature can make the entire room feel different.

Find an entire range of lighting solutions for your home at Radiant Lighting.

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