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Apr 30, 2018

OKHA: Law and Disorder

OKHA designer Adam Court explores the paradoxical and curious relationships of Absolute Symmetry aligned with Chaos and Disorder and gives us the “Law and Disorder” table lamp.

Law and Disorder is made of 4 simple parts flawless in their symmetry. When viewed from above we see an equilateral triangle set within a perfect circle. Such faultless geometry is found everywhere in nature; fractals are pure geometrical figures, the building blocks from which our beautiful worldly chaos and disorder emanates. The Law & Disorder lamp effectively conveys this dualism of order within chaos, harmony in sync with the haphazard.

Fabricated from sheets of mirror polished stainless steel from base stand to cylindrical shade. Three trapezoid shapes of matching proportions are bonded together to form the lamp base which connect via the equilateral triangle to the shade.

Law and Disorder is available in three finishes, black, white and polished steel; the myriad surface reflections of the polished steel heighten and exaggerate the beguiling disorder.


OKHA is a Design and Interiors Company which operates Internationally, with a showroom in Cape Town, South Africa. OKHA’s studio conceptualizes and designs contemporary, elegant furniture; these hand-made items are designed with passion, curiosity and a deep respect for materials and traditional craftsmanship. The result is progressive and refined quality that embodies design integrity and luxury.

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