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Lighting Nov 9, 2020

Newport: Stylish Home Office Lighting Ideas

“More and more, so it seems to me, light is the beautifier of the building.” – Frank Lloyd Wright – architect.

A comfortable desk; an ergonomic chair; ample storage. These are some of the fundamentals of a great home office. But let’s face it – lighting can make or break the entire space. In fact, lighting can help you work more effectively and set the mood for productivity. So, here we share some great tips to help you light your home office.

#Natural Light

How much natural light does your home office have? Can you place your desk near a window? Assess the natural light situation and move your desk and chair to fully maximise the available light. A brighter, lighter space often equals a happier more engaging work environment.


#The Humble Desk Lamp

Do not overlook the necessity of a good quality desk lamp. Task lighting in your home office is an essential and will help to illuminate your work when you need it most. Desk lamps with flexible arms are a great addition to your office. This way you can adjust the height and direction of the light as you need it.

#Overhead Lighting

Choose your overhead lighting with care. This is probably the main source of light in the room, and you want to make the most of it. A single pendant, or a group of pendants offer stylish appeal and can set the tone in your home office. Choose something playful to add interest and much needed illumination.


#Ambient Lighting

Now that you have overhead and task lighting taken care of, why not invest in ambient lighting to soften it all up in your home office. One of the major problems of the modern working world is that we spend countless hours staring at a screen. We are unknowingly putting added pressure and strain on our eyes. One way to make this a little easier on the eyes is to layer lighting in the office. Adding ambient light will bring a softer edge to the space and may have the added benefit of eliminating eye strain.


Newport Lighting makes use of an extensive local and international supplier network where they can source virtually any architectural or decorative lighting product you may require. Supplying established lighting brands into the market is the cornerstone of Newport.

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