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Lighting Nov 1, 2021

Newport Lighting: Your Guide To Lighting In the Bedroom

Your bedroom is the one room in the house that is all about relaxation and sleep. Set the mood and achieve the right ambience with the best lighting for your master suite. Here we bring you some basics to consider. We’re also sharing some top picks available from Newport Lighting.

When it comes to bedtime, a dark room often equates to better sleep. But besides those midnight hours, how are you making the most of your bedroom during the day? Many of us use this space to get ready in the morning, read a book, unwind before bed, and more. For these activities, essential lighting is a big priority.

What are some obvious choices for a bedroom?

Overhead ceiling lights are certainly one of the most common choices for bedroom lighting. Flush-mount fixtures typically sit directly against the ceiling and are made up of a bulb covered with a decorative glass or plastic bowl-shaped cover. If your ceilings are low, then flush-mount lighting is probably your best option. Look for something frosted or marbled as a cover so that there is less chance of a bright glare in your room.

Semi-flush ceiling lights are another great option and will draw the eye upwards towards the fixture. On the more grand scale of things, a beautiful chandelier is another wonderful addition to a stylish bedroom. Add a statement chandelier as a central focus above a bed. This will give your room that added luxe factor!

What about task lighting?

The perfect task lighting options are essential for your bedroom. Whether you’re looking for the right bedside options or a way to light up a dresser, task lighting can help you achieve these goals with ease. There are also a ton of options on the market today. Take for instance, Pixo by Pablo, featured above. Pixo’s swiveling light shade and highly maneuverable arm lend it maximum utility within a minimal footprint. Its compact, energy-saving LED light is infinitely adjustable. This allows the user to focus warm, glare-free light wherever needed.

Wall sconces are another sophisticated lighting solution that can be mounted on either side of your bed. Here you can choose from a range of styles to suit your style. Whether sleek and modern or industrial and rustic, there is a wall sconce style available to meet your needs.

Pendant lights bring style

Pendants are a great option when installed on either side of a bed. These can be suspended from a chain or rope and offer versatile lighting when lowered next to the bed. Pendants can also become a real feature in a room with high ceilings. Take for example, Icon by LZF. This suspension lamp features a piece of metal that symbolizes the icon of a lamp and a veneer that gives the volume a warm embrace.

For the creative at heart, Raindrop by LZF, featured below, is a work of art in the form of lighting. Javier Herrero imagined and designed the Raindrop pendant, its suspended shade made using strips of wood veneer that contain a glowing ball. Available in small and medium sizes, the Raindrop’s form is playful and poised. It is a light that will hang gracefully by itself and is especially pleasing and engaging when arranged in a group formation.

Freestanding lighting options

If you’re after mobile light sources, then floor lamps may be your best solution. The Nordlux Patton one light dimmable floor light (below) is finished in black and has a moveable shade, which can be placed according to need. In addition to this, it can also be tilted into two positions as required.ᅠIt is sophisticated and functional, and would make a wonderful addition to any home in particular when paired with matching lighting styles.

Choose your bedroom lighting with careful consideration. Shop these and other great lighting solutions at Newport Lighting.

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