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Lighting Apr 15, 2021

Newport Lighting: Vibia For Brighter Bedrooms

The average person spends about a third of their life sleeping—or trying to—which makes the bedroom one of the most important spaces in a home. To ensure a relaxed and restful setting, proper lighting is essential.

Here, we reveal a range of Vibia fixtures that can be used alone or in combination to facilitate a mellow mood while also elevating a bedroom’s aesthetic.


The Top ceiling lamp by Ramos & Bassols reimagines the classic decorative rosette in a contemporary light. Formed of a pair of simple concentric circles, it appears to be part of the ceiling architecture. Top generates a glowing bullseye and bathes the bedroom in even wash of light.



A pendant also provides general bedroom illumination while doubling as task lighting. Cosmos, a Lievore Altherr Molina design, dangles from the ceiling and rests alongside the bed where it serves as a reading lamp. The flattened spherical form appears to float in mid- air like a celestial body, lending a soothing feel that’s perfect for sleep time.


Another hanging lamp designed by Lievore Altherr, Tempo features a distinctive diamond-shaped bulb. Its translucent, blown opal diffuser gives off an ambient glow and, like the Cosmos, it takes position by the bed where it’s deployed for reading.


Ichiro Iwasaki designed the Pin sconce, a minimalist mix of lean lines and a diminutive dome shade whose form resembles an abstract symbol. Positioned on a wall bestride a bed with one or two arms, Pin brightens the room while the rotatable head makes it suitable for reading. Powered by an LED source, its tips radiate a soft nimbus of light that creates a calming atmosphere.


Another option for a bedroom reading light is the Mayfair table light. Designed by Diego Fortunato, the fixture is a modern take on the 18th-century French bouillotte lamp. Punctuating either side of the bed, it provides a pleasing light and a note of quiet composure before bedtime.

Mayfair is also available as a floor lamp. Its elegant, understated silhouette brightens the bedroom corner with a dimmable, LED bulb, offering another layer of light in the space.

About Newport Lighting

A multi-faceted lighting retailer, Newport Lighting specialises in decorative and architectural lighting design and product procurement. With a unique retail store and showroom located on Cape Town’s trendy Bree Street, Newport’s novel approach to merchandising and lighting display gives the store a distinctive gallery-like feel while being whimsical. A carefully selected range of decorative lighting is stocked for those spur of the moment purchases.

Supplying established lighting brands into the market is the cornerstone of Newport. The team continue to introduce new and unfamiliar ranges and represent renowned brands such as Vibia.

Find the latest lighting solutions at Newport Lighting.

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