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Lighting Jan 12, 2022

Newport Lighting For Your Kitchen

Functional, atmospheric or soothing? The right lighting can have a very particular effect on your decor. Take a look and find out how to create optimal lighting in your kitchen with Newport Lighting .

Create good lighting in the kitchen

1. Make sure the lamps above the kitchen worktop are high enough to let even the tallest family member avoid bumping into them during cooking.

2. Do you want good working light in your kitchen? Choose narrow lamps to avoid glare, but still ensure good lighting.

3. Not all lighting in the kitchen needs to be functional. Create a nice ambience with little, decorative table lamps on a shelf or on a windowsill.

Kitchen lighting is an essential part of your overall experience in this room. Too dull and you may not be able to accomplish all of your cooking tasks. Too bright? And it can feel clinical and stark. Get the right balance and consider all the spaces where adequate lighting is needed.

Top lighting choices for a kitchen:

1. Pendants are a great option. Alone or grouped above a counter, they make a statement and add illumination as needed.

2. Overhead ceiling lights. This is a great option to set the scene for display areas within your kitchen. Typically dome-shaped, flush mount or semi-flush mount lights are used to light up medium to small kitchens.

3. Track lights. This is a modern type of lighting for the kitchen where you can place a series of track lights atop your island or breakfast counter. This also makes for an excellent focus light.

4. Recessed lighting is like the holy grail for creating ambient lighting in a kitchen, especially if you despise hanging lights. These fit right into your ceiling and look very sleek, while giving ample light to the space.

What’s the best lighting for your kitchen?

As a rule of thumb, place general or ambient lighting in the centre of the kitchen. But don’t leave it there. Layer your lighting for added illumination and to make the most of your space. If you have an island or a breakfast counter, consider pendant lighting as an added option. And let’s not forget to add a few task lights as well. Placement will also depend on your room’s natural lighting and the positioning of your windows.

Newport Lighting is a multi-faceted lighting retailer, specialising in decorative and architectural lighting design and product procurement. Here you will find the latest lighting innovations from renowned international brands.

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