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May 31, 2019

Major Tech: LED strip lights

LED strip lights are versatile and flexible lighting strips that fit in with almost any architecture and decor, from small rooms to entire buildings. Today’s strip lights offer a range of illumination choices, from soft lighting to enhance the ambiance of a room, to powerful lighting that can illuminate an entrance hall or even an auditorium.

Strip lights are provided on a narrow, flexible circuit board on which LED emitters are mounted. Strip lights are normally supplied in rolls, which the installer will cut to fit each project. Exact cut lengths vary from strip to strip, depending on the project requirement and VETi has a wide range of options to choose from in its Professional range.

The brightness of a strip light can vary, depending on the output and efficiency of each LED emitter, the number of LEDs per metre and the power draw of the strip. It is therefore essential that high-quality strip lights be chosen if you want to have reliable performance for the long term.

VETi’s range of professional strip lights is designed to the highest quality standards to ensure they deliver consistent performance and a long lifespan. The company offers different strip lighting products in its Professional range, all with a 5-year guarantee. All the strip lighting products are built to the quality standards VETi is renowned for.

The strip lights are available in rolls rated from IP20 up to and including IP67, depending on your requirements. An IP20 rating means the product is protected against solid particles sized 12.5 mm and larger. IP65 means the product is “dust tight” and is also protected from water, such as rain, fire sprinklers or an errant hosepipe. IP67 products are dust tight and protected from water, including immersion up to a depth of 1 metre. The strips are supplied in a silicone tube or full silicone extrusion, which ensures a longer life and less chance of discolouration than standard PVC tubes.

The LEDS are powered by a 24 V DC power adapter and customers can easily automate the tone and effects of their lighting by using automation controllers, such as those available from Major Tech.

Moreover, running the strip lights on DC power allows for a longer life, hence lower maintenance costs from prematurely failing LEDs. Using DC power in your strip lighting will also reduce the possibility of lumen (Lm) depreciation, and the LEDs will hold their colour for longer.

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