Less is More with Wireworld’s Wooden Lamp Stands

Modern interior design sees a move towards clean, clutter-free and simple decor elements that seem to bring a sense of order, elegance and minimalism to our contemporary lifestyles. 

The new wooden lampstand collection from Wireworld was created with the Scandinavian design principles in mind that “less is more”. Details were scaled back to create less clutter, leaving a product range characterized by functionality, simplicity and clean lines. Besides being a functional item to light up your favourite places, these lampstands are created with distinct design elements that make each offering unique and on trend. The bases are unique and striking – the perfect addition to a modern and designer home! All lamp stands in this range are manufactured from high-grade oak, unstained to showcase the natural beauty of the timber in its most natural state.

Wood also has a wonderfully warm tone that adds depth to any interior. Neutral shades ensure that each lampstand will work well to complement an array of designs and colours. Scandinavian design is all about light, function, and balance, and this is the epitome of the wooden lampstand collection from Wireworld. Wireworld’s core business is the manufacture of lampshades and they have perfected and grown the range over the years. Over time, they realised the need to diversify their product offering and have since added product categories such as wire tables, scatter cushions, lamp bases, ottomans, placemats, table runners and more.

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