legrand diy lighting products

Legrand’s recently launched lighting devices for the DIY sector include carefully packaged products that are easy to install and safe to use. Lighting products in the DIY range include inspection lamps, LED portable lamps, bulkhead lights, night lights, switches and sockets, as well as plug-in devices, with an adjustable night light function. Two types of inspection lamps are available for the DIY enthusiast – a 230 V 75 W unit fitted with a clamp and a 230 V 11 W lamp supplied with a 2P (2 pin) 10/16 A plug, a fluorescent tube and 5 m cable.

The LED portable lamp, with a built-in battery pack, has a manual on/off switching facility with three lighting levels – 20 lumen for a three hour duration, 40 lumen for 90 minutes and 60 lumen for an operation period of one hour. Included in this kit is a 12 V DC battery charger and a mains connector.
Vandal resistant bulkhead lights are suitable for interior and exterior applications, including corrosive environments, like seaside homes. Security is assured by a robust covering trim and locking screws. This unit has a shock resistant polycarbonate diffuser. Night lights, for automatic lighting control, have the latest LED technology and a light sensitive sensor that automatically controls lighting levels, according to pre-set light level thresholds.
  These practical devices, which are available with a slick black or white design, are easily integrated with various wiring devices, adapters and international multisockets. In the event of a power failure, the plug-in lighting device automatically turns on to maximum intensity, with a cool light LED. In manual mode, the lighting device is plugged into a socket and by pressing the lens, it is used as a courtesy light, with warm illumination. In automatic mode, a warm light LED automatically switches on and off, depending on the light intensity in the room. The dimmer function enables light intensity to be adjusted. Contact: www.legrand.co.za


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