Legrand Arteor

Innovation mixed with sophistication is the result of LeGrand Arteor. Arteor, which meets the requirements of the most basic electrical functions, as well as complicated automation tasks, is available with a wide choice of design options and finishes for different environments. An important feature is that users are able to ‘mix and match’ the design option and type of finish for any control function. An added advantage is these combinations can be changed at any time to suit exact requirements. Arteor devices have an innovative bevelled profile which gives the illusion that the product is not attached to the wall. The ‘bi-material’ plates are extra-flat and slim lined, typical of the contemporary flat-screen design. Innovation, creativity and beauty into one product, we could not ask for more.

The most sophisticated and innovative materials have been selected for Legrand’s Arteor cover plates – these finishes include woven metal, red mirror and marine leather. Other finishes like plastic, metal, tattoo, wood and brushed steel are also available.

Contact: www.legrand.co.za



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