Lee Broom is to furniture what Marc Jacobs is to Fashion

Lee Broom is one of the UK’s leading product and interior designers that have a flair for fashion, creativity and style. The amazing company has launched collections of furniture and lighting for restaurant and bar interiors and has won over 20 awards including the ELEE Decoration British Design Award for The Crystal Bulb and  ‘Designer of the Year 2011/ 2012’ at the British Design Awards. We adore their sophisticated style and decadent designs. Some have said that Le Broom is to furniture what Marc Jacobs is to fashion. We could not agree more…

Taking inspiration from the delicate craftsmanship of crystal cutting, Crystal Bulb combines industrial influences with decorative qualities, transforming the everyday light bulb into a beautiful ornamental light fitting.
New additions for 2013 include the Frosted Crystal Bulb, Crystal Bulb Table Lamp and the Crystal Bulb Chandelier.
The Decanterlights are each made from a lead, hand cut crystal whiskey decanter. They are designed to glow in clusters creating a majestic and sensual centrepiece wherever they hang.
Due to the success of the Decanterlight, antique whiskey decanters became a rarity and Broom was forced to release a new Decanterlight collection with his own design of cuts inspired by the vintage decanters.
One and Only Lee
One Light Only’ (OLO)
OLO is a collection of striking pendant lights. Drawing on Lee Broom’s fashion background, OLO is inspired by Art Deco Jewellery and fashion photography from the late 1970’s. OLO is characterised by its gem-like faceted exterior.
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