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Lighting Oct 5, 2020

Illuminating Beauty With Monfalcone Design

If you haven’t noticed it yet, we are a little obsessed with pretty things and beautiful spaces. And this is why we are quite infatuated with the work of Monfalcone Design. Here you will find a range of premium pendants and lighting collections.

They too are obsessed with beauty. Not just the superficial kind, but that which comes from uncompromising dedication to the highest standards of design.

Quality wins…

The Monfalcone Design team have spent years winnowing down a supplier network to only those who comply with their stringent standards of workmanship. This has been done to bring you masterpieces that have been lovingly handcrafted out of carefully selected materials of integrity. Assembled under their watchful eyes, you’re ensured of a purchase that is not just a top quality functional piece, but an artful masterpiece that brings you joy with every day of use.

A story that begins in Italy

Driving through a tiny industrial centre close to Trieste, you’ll stumble upon a diminutive store packed to the brim with the most beautiful luminaires imaginable, and this very experience is what triggered the design team to gain inspiration and bring more beauty to the world around us. Monfalcone Design was conceived.

Laurent has been hailed as a creative and technical genius across several peer networks. He enjoyed a successful sculpting career, and moved into boutique, customised architectural fabrication. His projects included high profile Clifton homes, lauded Cape Town restaurant refurbishments, and international game lodge fit outs.

Tamsyn comes from a varied corporate and entrepreneurial background. Having successfully headed substantial merchandise portfolios for both local and international retailers and successfully running another entrepreneurial venture, she brings years of strategic and managerial skill to Monfalcone Design.

As part of their offerings, you will find premium pendants and collections that inspire.

Danielle pendant

Visit Monfalcone Design for more.

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