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Apr 25, 2019

Hoi P’loy: Stylish Lighting For Every Room

From the kitchen and dining room to the office, bathroom and even the bedroom… stylish lighting is an essential factor in the overall look and feel of your space. When it comes to trendy lighting, Hoi P’loy are the experts, offering stylish vintage lighting to illuminate every room. 

At Hoi P’loy, you’ll immediately notice inspiration from the values of the past. Their goal is to make beautiful items that perform well and last long, the way our grandparents would have made them. The team are all about reviving the highest quality materials, such as solid brass, copper, stainless steel and Bakelite in the production of beautiful vintage lighting. They also invest heavily in the production process, from design to testing, certification, and finally precision manufacturing.

Over the years Hoi P’loy have discovered that it’s quite a challenge meeting the high standards they strive for. The “secret sauce” that makes this journey possible is a committed and tight-knit team. As such, they encourage an atmosphere where each person values the bigger picture and the contributions are valued in return.

Brass Wall Sconce Pull-Chain

Brass Wall Sconce Pull-Chain

Let’s take a look at some of our favourite offerings:

The Slim Shady Wall Lamp

With it’s base precision machined from a single block of solid brass, the Slim Shady is in a class of its own offering quality, simplicity and functionality. Launched at 100% Design 2017, Slim Shady offers sleek sophistication. Simply hang up, plug in and swing the arm to shine light where needed – the perfect over shoulder reading light for the bedroom or lounge.


Molecule is an elegant “chandelier” type light that is inspired by scientific molecular diagrams. These are also available in 2, 4 and 16 bulb sockets and come in three different lengths for the drop stem.

The solid brass components have been chemically oxidized to create a Gunmetal Grey Molecule version. The light is 100% made and assembled in Cape Town, and flat packed for easy shipping.

Molecule 8 Gunmetal

Molecule 8 Gunmetal

Brass Wall Sconce

The 90 degree Wall Sconce is a perfect fixture to your wall. A stylish yet classic addition to your home. 100% Solid brass, precision engineered, etched and handmade in Cape Town. Available as standard, or with a pullchain switch.

The Empire Pendant

The Brass Empire Pendant draws it’s inspiration from the classic industrial “factory lamp shade” of the 1920’s. However, the focus is on elegance in addition to functionality, evident in the use of solid brass materials and a silhouette that echoes the signature Hoi P’loy profile.

The solid brass components that make up the light are all made and carefully assembled in Cape Town. The internal lamp fitting which is made from traditional Bakelite, accommodates any standard E27 screw light bulb which means you can choose from any of the filament bulbs in the Hoi P’loy range, or even use any other bulbs you might fancy. The Empire Pendant comes standard with a 1.2m graphite fabric woven cord that can be adjusted to any desired height during installation.

Signature Pendant-Harbour

Signature Cluster Pendants

A new colour range of Signature Cluster Pendants come in Stone Grey, Winter Blush, Misty Mint, Harbour Teal and White. They’re unique with their twisted cord and machined Brass detailing.

The Unity Pendant

The Unity Pendant is a minimal yet elegant interpretation of the traditional exposed pendant light. The stem is machined from solid brass along with all the custom designed components that make up this beauty. It is available in various stem lengths.

Slim Shady Wall-Lamp

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