Hip hanging Lights

Hanging pendant lights in your space is probably the best asset you can give a room. Whether it’s placed on the side of your bed to provide task or mood lighting in your bedroom or above your kitchen to set the ambience and atmosphere you want. Fortunately for us, these hip hanging lights come in a variety of shades, are available in many different sizes, colours and finishes and come with colourful flex cords and bulbs to choose from. There are several ways to approach this fitting: exposed bulb pendant lights look great in modern or industrial schemes, wire or cage light pendants convey a more vintage boho look, natural or woven pendants work well in rustic or relaxed beachy schemes and metal pendants can transition from country through to modern interiors. If you’re thinking that these lights would be a great addition to the homes, but you really can’t get permission from the landlord to drill holes, there is an alternative. You can achieve a similar (hanging pendant) look by buying plug-in rope lights and draping them up and over some hooks, a ladder or shelf on either side of your bed.  Whatever method you choose, the hanging pendant lights are sure to add a level of design sophistication and hotel chic to your bedroom.

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