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Lighting Jan 18, 2022

Functional Home Office/Guest Room lighting

We’ve all adjusted to ‘the new normal’ working way but our guest rooms have mostly remained a combination of a home-office and guest room. These holidays you had family staying and now it’s time to set up your home office again. Here’s how you can create functional lighting for your office without sacrificing the style your guest room.

Instead of using a traditional bedside wall bracket, make use of a wall mounted spot light. This can provide ideal multi-function lighting. Allowing the choice of being angled towards the bed when hosting guests or directed at your desk for a functional task light when you’re working, spot lights provide a good amount of light.

Your desk is most likely facing a corner to save space in a multifunctional room. This means that all light sources are now behind you, resulting in strong shadows being cast. A stylish desk lamp can double as a great mood light when guests come to stay. If your desk isn’t bedside, angle the desk lamp towards the nearest wall to create a temporary ambient light source. We love how functional lamps can be.

Stuck for space? Replace one of your existing side tables with your desk and make use of an existing bedside pendant. Raise the height of the pendant to ±80cm above the desk to provide adequate light while being out of the way. As long as you ensure your desk is tidy, your guests can use it as a temporary storage solution and the light from a pendant is more than enough to fill any shadows being cast from the general light source behind you while you work.

The only difficulty in this room is to avoid a mid-day nap on the desk-side bed!


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