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Lighting Feb 27, 2021

Eurolux: Tips For Setting Up Your Motion Sensor Floodlight

A floodlight is a broad-beamed, high-intensity light traditionally used to illuminate large outdoor spaces such as car parks, sports fields and event arenas. However, thanks to technological advancements and the diversity of this fixture, the use of floodlights in a residential setting has increased over the years.

Robust and durable, a floodlight is generally installed for two reasons – large-radius nighttime illumination and security. Some of the newer designs come with a built-in motion sensor so that they only come on when triggered by movement. This is often preferred for residential applications where a constant flood of light would be unpleasant for both homeowner and surrounding neighbours.

If you’re installing a motion sensor floodlight at home, keep these three points in mind:


You can change the sensitivity of the sensor on your motion sensor floodlights. This means you can choose whether you want the light to only come on when motion is detected at a distance or if you would rather it come on when motion is detected close by. To select the right settings for your home, you need to test the sensitivity of the sensor.

The settings will vary among different models, but your fixtures should have settings similar to the following:

Timer: This setting dictates how long the light will stay on after activation. It can range anywhere from 10 seconds to 8 minutes.
Lux: This setting is used to select when you want the sensor to work. Do you want the sensor to work day and night or just at night?
Sens: This setting allows you to choose at what distance motion should be detected.

Play around with the various settings to select the combination that is right for your home and what you are trying to achieve.


Floodlights positioned on the exterior of the home are a great deterrent for would-be intruders. But they have to be positioned correctly in order to be effective. If you’re installing a floodlight as a security measure then make sure all potential dark corners are illuminated. To eliminate blind spots, install floodlights on each corner of the building, or at the very least on each side of the building. Installing a floodlight close to the roof may require some effort but it’s worth it – a floodlight placed high above the ground results in a larger spread of light.

Another point to keep in mind when selecting the location and position is the direction of movement. You want to ensure that most movement will occur across the sensitivity zone as opposed to directly towards it.


Passing cars, people approaching your home and even bugs crawling across the sensors, can all trigger your motion sensor floodlights to turn on. The motion detectors in the sensor have small electronic eyes that detect infrared waves from moving objects. When an object crosses the sensor’s field of view the lights turn on automatically.

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  1. Morgan Chetty

    May 30, 2021

    Hello. I have the fs244 eurolux 20w led floodlight. I want to use only the daynight sensor. So I only want the light to come on at night and stay on. And then it should go off when the sun comes out in the morning.
    Please help with setting this for daynight sensor only, not motion.
    Thank you
    Morgan Chetty

    • Marcia Margolius


      May 31, 2021

      Dear Morgan I had the same problem if I positioned my light under a tree it would shine the entire day best you chat to them directly – to get the best best advice!


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