Eurolux offers quality mobile Solar Lighting kits

Eurolux Solar Lighting Kits are the perfect solution to the troubles of load-shedding. The long lasting portable lighting device is suitable for almost any requirement. Outdoor enthusiasts who plan on venturing off the grid will also appreciate this innovative kit that requires no electricity supply. Prepare yourself for black outs with Eurolux’s handy mobile kit which includes a selection of lamps, a solar panel, battery pack, cables and inline switches. Some of the larger kits offer cell phone charging functionality as well. Shaun Bouchier, director at Eurolux, explains that the Eurolux Solar Kits are high quality products designed with portability and ease of use in mind. “A good portable solar lighting solution is lightweight enough to ensure easy carrying, compact enough to fit into your car or hiking bag and powerful enough to sufficiently charge the electronics you need. Our new range delivers all that and more.” Each of the Eurolux Solar Kits is geared to provide a specific amount of light. Some of the kits feature a single lamp, while others offer up to four LED spotlights or tubes, and there are even solar flash lights. “It is up to you to decide how much light you need,” says Bouchier. But just because a kit comes with four individual lamps, does not mean that they all need to be used at the same time. “Some of our products offer inline switches, which allows the user the freedom to turn each light in the kit on or off at their convenience. The O178 for example has four LED lamps, all of which have inline switches. This allows the user to switch two or three of the four lights on, while the rest of the lights remain off. But should you require the maximum amount of light, you simply switch all the lamps on at the same time,” adds Bouchier.

The range also features a motion sensor lamp with a five meter, 360 degree detection range. The lamp switches on when motion is detected and remains switched off at other times, thus saving the charged energy of the battery pack when not needed. Charging the batteries is a simple matter of positioning the solar panel in direct sunlight, but while direct sun is recommended for optimal charging, the panel still charges in overcast weather. When fully charged, these kits offer up to eight hours of light. A battery pack is included with kits offering two or more fittings, and all kits fitted with a battery pack also include the added feature of a cell phone charger, plus all the necessary adapters. Installation of the kits is also quick, easy and self-explanatory, although an instruction manual is included with each kit. The solar panels included in the Eurolux kit are backed by a 10 year warranty, while the fittings in each kit are under warranty for a year.


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