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Lighting Feb 16, 2021

Eurolux: Make Your Guest Room Feel Like A Luxury Hotel Suite

Being a good host is all about making your guests feel comfortable and welcome. Whether they’re staying for one night or a few weeks, there are ways to make their visit a memorable one.

A vase of flowers next to the bed, scented candles, and fresh linen and towels all go a long way in achieving this. But if you really want to create a hotel-like feel in your guest room then implementing the right lighting strategy is key. These are our suggestions:

Any good lighting plan has layers of light. Think about how you want all the various fixtures in the room to work together and individually. Think about how your guests will use the room. A ceiling fixture for ambient lighting, a bedside lamp for task lighting, and wall lighting or tape lighting for accent lighting should help you achieve a layered look that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Another way to create that “wow” factor for your guests the moment they walk into the room is to use a “family” of luminaires. By using wall, floor, and table lighting with the same or similar design, you give the room a cohesive look and feel about it. This consistency subconsciously tells the occupant that the lighting scheme has been well thought out and adds an element of luxe to the room.

The bedroom is the main focus in creating a hotel-like feel for your guests but the bathroom should be considered too as this is where your guests will go about their morning and evening routines. Whether it’s an en-suite or a separate bathroom in the hallway, create a comfortable yet practical space for your guests. Ideas include wall fixtures on either side of the vanity mirror to minimise shadows on the face, strip lights or cabinet lighting inside the cabinet so that they can see the products inside, and installing a dimmer switch so that they can lower the level of light for a relaxing soak in the tub. Details like this give the bathroom a spa-like feel.

Look at the overall design scheme of the room and make sure the finishes of your fixtures complement it. For example, a contemporary or minimalist space would call for polished chrome or matt black finishes while a classic interior would suit gold or brass. More rustic spaces may look better with wood or rattan or concrete.

This last point will really elevate your guest bedroom and give you extra points as a host. Bedside fixtures give your guests the convenience of charging their phones and devices right next to their bed. They don’t have to search around for a plug point to power up and it eliminates the need to have one’s phone or device precharged before they climb into bed. This is especially convenient for people who use their phones as an alarm clock or like to watch movies or play games on their iPad.

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