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Jan 4, 2018

Eurolux: Lighting for Art & Practicality

While the definitions of art and function suggest a contrast in concept, there is a strong argument for art being functional, and function being artful.

  Art [noun]: The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination. Function [verb]: Work or operate in a proper or particular way. The online art gallery Artspace proposes that “functional art refers to aesthetic objects that serve utilitarian purposes”. It’s a more inclusive form of art, and includes furniture, household objects and, of course, lighting.

Functional art typically includes an element of surprise, where a unique aesthetic is infused somewhat unexpected, in cutlery, in a toilet, in a bicycle, in lighting… They’re beautifully crafted artistic creations that are able to perform functional tasks – illumination! – but that can also just be appreciated and enjoyed for its bespoke look, shape and form. The Euro Nouveau collection of designer lighting includes many pieces that are as artistic as they are functional, in a variety of styles – from classically elegant to starkly minimalist. We’ve selected five pieces that each embody the concept of functional art, albeit in vastly different ways. Rio Chandelier by Manooi The Rio chandelier by Manooi demonstrates the effect of gravity in space. Asymmetry is combined with the perfect regularity of a circle to create a piece of lighting that is both simple and strikingly elegant. Manooi is known for their custom, high-end crystal chandeliers that draw inspiration from the timeless appeal of natural light sources. The pieces bring a timeless, yet highly functional, grandeur to any space. With the structure made of polished stainless steel and embellished with full-cut crystal octagons and pendants in various sizes and forms, the material choice further manifest the happy marriage between art and function that is evident in this piece. Ray Wall Lamp by Inarchi Ingeniously composed, the Ray Wall Lamp plays with illusions of being a 2D object in a 3D space. So ingenious, in fact, that it won the coveted Red Dot Award in the lighting design category last year. With its three points, this sculptural steel structure can be arranged in a variety of interesting ways. Typical of the Inarchi brand, the Ray Wall Lamp embraces the art of minimalism, effectively using every millimetre of object for a functional purpose. The result is an uncluttered, skilfully crafted light fitting that prioritises function and aesthetic in equal measure.

Flame Chandelier by Iris Cristal

Big, bold and beautiful, the Flame Chandelier by Iris Cristal is a striking piece of design. It’s been carefully crafted, with a unique form that lends it feminine touch. Aesthetically adventurous, the piece is also highly functional with halogen bulb technology that works to light every corner of the space in which the Flame enjoys pride of place.

Lunaire by Fontana Arte

Named for the way it reminds of the lighting effect resulting from the phenomena of eclipses, the wall and ceiling lamp by Fontana Arte is an artful as it is ambient. The smaller disk at the front houses the light source, set inside a larger, concave aluminium diffuser. Two different lighting effects are possible with the Lunaire, depending on how the smaller disk is positioned in relation to the diffuser. The Lunaire offers either back lighting or illuminates from inside the diffuser. Either way, the shape and form of the piece makes it an attractive addition to any interior.

Ono by Inarchi

The combination of marble and bronze – two very trendy materials – makes for a most stunning, highly functional wall lamp. The Ono wall sconce by Inarchi comprises a polished carrara marble face with a metal ring that works to direct the light on the high-performance LEDs inside. From these pieces it is apparent that form doesn’t need to be sacrificed for function – or vice versa – and that utilitarian objects don’t need to be unimaginative.

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