Euro Nouveau: Soap from Bomma

The magic of iridescence, Soap by Bomma is inspired by the crystal transparency and continuously changing shape of soap bubbles. This striking lighting solution is now available locally through agents Euro Nouveau.

Varying colours, transparency and continuously shifting shapes – these are the characteristic features of soap bubbles, which is the inspiration behind Bomma’s Soap pendant. Lighted, their metallic sheen magically transforms to iridescent and translucent. Each piece is hand-blown without a mold, producing an original light in both shape and colour.

The iridescence of this mesmerising luminaire is the result of an unique metallisation process which gives the glass a metallic tinge in an array of colours.

Beautiful as a one-of-a-kind singular pendant, Soap adds tone, texture and light to any space. You could also opt for a mesmerising installation with grouped Soap pendants to make a statement and enjoy the iridescent qualities that this will bring into your home.

More About Bomma:

Bomma is a company recognized in the production of traditional Czech glassware. With centuries of craftsmanship and know-how in East Bohemia, Bomma takes advantage of a rich reservoir of talents and top-level skills to create exceptional pieces in its workshops.
Together with Stéphane Davidts, who offers a wide range of cabled ceiling bases, Bomma showcases their beautiful creations, which are now available around the globe.

Shop the range at Euro Nouveau.


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