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Lighting Sep 28, 2020

Euro Nouveau Presents Hugo Lighting From Slamp

Designed to perfection by the complete Slamp Team, the Hugo Floor Lamp exhibits a seamless harmonization of elegance and class. Now available in South Africa, Hugo by Slamp can be sourced through agents Euro Nouveau.

Crafted artistically with the harmonization of sinuous design and the softness of LED lights, the Hugu diffuses emission evenly with the help of Lentiflex. Such rare splash of illumination brings vibrancy to the decor. The fixture is an optimal blend of technical illumination and arty design. Available in Prisma hue; the luminaire is sure to match any kind of interior installation fittings.

Solid, yet fluid: the magical effect is created with an invisible steel frame hidden under layers of Slamp’s innovative Lentiflex, a material that liquifies LED illumination. The light is transformed into a soft, uniform, almost weightless, floating glow. The design and bend of the floor lamp were inspired by the outreached hands of Michelangelo’s “Last Judgement” in the Sistine Chapel.

The light touch dimming system is ergonomically placed, and blinks when the lamp is at minimum and maximum brightness. Just like the Hugo, Hugo Vertical, and Hugo Architectural system, Hugo Floor respects the UNI EN 12464 standard for office illumination. The transformer plugs in and the cord is black to avoid showing any dirt while resting on the floor. It’s very easy to assemble: the two modules have a pre-set inclination, and simply connect together.

The product’s elevated lighting quality is not only for professional spaces, but domestic ones like the kitchen, where the lamp eliminates shadows, casting light on utensils and ingredients, or the bathroom, where the even glow is fit for putting on a perfect face of makeup.

Find the latest Slamp lighting fixtures available from Euro Nouveau.



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