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Lighting Aug 6, 2020

Euro Nouveau: LID From Serien

During the day LID is a discreet design object but as soon as LID is turned on, it morphs into spherical light. This beautiful lighting solution from Serien, is now available locally through agents Euro Nouveau.

Serien’s LID wall light emits light indirectly onto the wall. Simultaneously, the edge of the lamp reflects the light, so that the round shape of the lamp is highlighted. The lamp comes to life, surrounded by a circular rim.

The fine aura of light that emanates through the circular disc is particularly eye-catching and sets it off from the surrounding shining light. LID almost appears to float.

There are four different front discs available: genuine opal glass, silver-colored or champagne-colored aluminum, or mirror glass.

Powerful LEDs are located behind it, shedding wide-angle light on the wall in an even circle around itself. At the same time, the glass edge reflects the light creating the characteristic line of light.

LID stands out from the backgrounds and contributes to a pleasant, calm and light mood.

LID is ideal for use in rows, in a group or as a single luminaire. It highlights walls in private homes, stairwells, corridors, hotels, bars or restaurants.

Find these and other superior lighting solutions now available from Euro Nouveau.

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