Euro Nouveau Introduces Cactus from Slamp

When you think of a cactus, your first thought is probably not of a light fitting. However, Slamp puts their unique mark on a fascinating new lighting solution, Cactus, now available locally through Euro Nouveau.

This lamp has the extraordinary ability to adapt to any space while remaining quite true to its inspiration. It owes its iconicity to the combination of geometry and the innovation of the materials used for both versions: Lentiflex® and l’Opalflex®. Both emanate an irresistible brilliance and suggestive prismatic reflections.

Cactus is available in four white versions, and three transparent prisma versions, all bringing imaginative possibilities to any area, introducing a dose of desired quirkiness.

With zig-zag panels emulating the real-life plant version, Cactus takes on a wonderfully fresh-spirited lighting solution for the home. Now you can create your own oasis in your interior with one or an entire collection of lights in various sizes.

It is all in the details. This finely detailed Cactus lamp was created by Adriano Rachele for leading Italian design company Slamp. Rachele’s passion for design began from an early age and he cut his teeth by developing the Veli collection with the company Slamp, which ultimately garnered him the coveted Red Dot Design award for his efforts. Since then he has continued to surprise and delight with his innovative designs infused with passion, poetry and soul.

One of his newest creation’s, the Cactus Floor Lamp is infused with the soul of the desert plant itself. A fresh, spirited and decidedly contemporary outline is created in the company’s patented Opalflex® material, which gifts the lamp a gentle glow that provides subtle ambience to the surrounding space.

The gold of the lamp’s exterior adds something to the light experience and brings to mind the setting sun over a rapidly cooling desert. The lamp is offered in two different heights, 180cm and 155cm, both of which feature a diameter of 40cm. It possesses a sturdy base, meaning that it can be safely placed in even the most active areas of the house.

Shop Cactus at Euro Nouveau.


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