Euro Nouveau: Clizia, The Only Everlasting Bouquet

Imagine lighting up your special day with a cloud-like bouquet of soft illumination. Now you can do just that with the Clizia Table Lamp from Slamp, available locally through Euro Nouveau.

Clizia is comprised of a series of shapes that fit together to create a perfect balance of reflections and transparencies. The lamp has taken note of natural forms, resembling a cloud that captures the first changing rays of morning sun, or a treetop filtering a play of light and shadows. All of the available versions marry aesthetics with functionality, featuring a magnetic anchoring system, connecting them to the ceiling (for the suspensions and applique) or the metal base (for the table and floor lamps). Clizia transforms a space into a landscape without overwhelming it. The Clizia botanical cordless table lamp, complete with rechargeable batteries, can be easily moved from place to place, bringing soft illumination to a dinner en plein air, an early bedside wake-up, or a warm bath. It is a perfect, original, elegant centrepiece, and even more so when choreographed in numbers along an imperial table setting. It is a fitting decoration for professionals looking to give a romantic, glam touch to their téte-a-téte events held on balconies, and in cafés and restaurants; lighting that makes way for endless imagination and creativity. This Clizia Table lamp is the only everlasting bouquet and continues to break the mould of conventional design with its lush natural shape that’s designed to represent a perfect cloud of light. Made from Slamp’s own transparent Lentiflex® and Cristalflex Fumé®, the materials are designed to cut down on lumen absorption and allow the full power of the lamp to shine forth. The lamp comes in a variety of different colours and is an ideal ornament for living or dining room spaces. It stands 25cm high and 27cm in diameter and is relatively lightweight at only 2kg. The Clizia Table lamp works well in isolation or when paired together with other lamps from the Clizia collection. Each lamp is designed to create a special kind of illumination that adds an ambience in subtle ways.
Contact: Euro Nouveau


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