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Lighting Jun 17, 2021

Euro Nouveau: Bomma Lighting @ Artvillas Costa Rica

In the lush jungle of Costa Rica is a space that transcends ordinary. Where day and night merge in a
heavenly expanse of verdant flora, pristine beaches, and exquisite style. Art Villas is inspired by the laws of
the jungle. Each villa strikes a rare balance between the encounter with nature and protected luxury accommodation.

A place where nature meets luxury, Artvillas is a project of three villas located in the middle of Costa Rica.

The Atelier villa by Formafatal Studio transcends the boundaries marking inside and outside, as well as highlighting its constructional simplicity and pure lines. The Shibari Bomma Collection complements the interior with its provoking design, enhancing craftsmanship and quality of materials.

artvillas costa rica

artvillas costa rica

The Villas

Artvillas is situated in Bahia Ballena, Playa Hermosa (Bay of Whales, Beautiful Beach). They are 300 meters above the Pacific Ocean nestled in the arms of the rain forest jungle. The terrace offers an exceptional view to Whale Tail (a sand and rock formation in a shape of a whale tail) where you can spot two species of whales seven months a year.

artvillas costa rica

Featuring bold interior styling, every detail has been carefully planned. Shibari lighting comes to life in the villas. Shibara is not simply the technique of tying objects with ropes, but a method of communication within hidden systems of lines and loops. In Japanese it’s called Kinbaku: the beauty of tight binding.
This sophisticated collection places crystal centerpieces amidst the knots to draw our attention and create variable compositions. Thanks to Bomma’s daring design, Shibari may be considered a work of art, whether as a stand-alone lighting piece or in a grouping that resembles a sculpture.

artvillas costa rica

Behold the vast, monolithic structure. Cool, concrete walls stand naked and confident inside the heart of the jungle. Expansive glass walls, jungle wood, and brave dimensions ignite, absorb, and reflect the raw elements of nature.

Hand-painted walls capture the dynamic nature of water and mirror the surrounding tropical forest.

Glide across floors artfully designed with handmade Nicaraguan tiles. Softness, truth, and intention unite beneath your feet, evoking a sensation of antiquated times. Ornamental designs reminiscent of the past unite with the simplicity of modern design.

CoCo houses are inspired by seed cones, where nature contains its precious promise to the future.

artvillas costa rica

Architect: Formafatal | Dagmar Štěpánová

Architectonical concept: Refuel Works

Year: 2020

Photo: BoysPlayNice

Location: Costa Rica

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