Euro Nouveau: Amax by Fontana Arte

The Amax floorlamp presents an extra large interpretation of a classic Fontana Arte lampshade, and a delightfully unusual choice for an outdoor lamp.

Amax is a family of suspension and floor lamps, available in both indoor and outdoor versions. For the larger sizes, the hanging lamp has a lower disc that covers and hides the light sources from view.

An iron base, aluminium frame and translucent white polyethylene diffuser make the piece durable and resistant to corrosive elements, thus making it ideal for outdoor environments.

Italian design brand Fontana Arte has been creating lighting fixtures for over 80 years, with some of their earliest designs still amongst their most popular.

Fontana Arte has built a reputation around their classic designs. Founded in 1932, the design company creates clean, contemporary decorative pieces that they claim will fit into any home or commercial environment.

Classically Italian in their aesthetic, Fontana Arte still stock a selection of their early pieces, many of which are now deemed as collectors’ items. In fact, some of their pieces sit in collections in museums and galleries across the world – the Museum of Modern Art in New York amongst them. The clean shapes and neutral designs give their fixtures a certain timelessness that has maintained design relevance over time.


Proud suppliers of Fontana Arte lighting in South Africa, Euro Nouveau presents the work of 12 to 14 hand-selected lighting designers, ranging from classics by Fontana Arte to the quirky pieces of modern Italian brand Slamp. The showroom’s custom design creates a stage for each brand’s work, showing off its unique functionality and style, while seamlessly complementing the other pieces in the space.

Stepping into Euro Nouveau is not unlike browsing the fantastical collections at some of Europe’s foremost lighting shows. From elegant styles of the 1930s and 40s to ultra-modern architectural designs, Euro Nouveau presents a carefully curated selection that ranges from the Bohemian Crystal Chandeliers of Iris Cristal to the natural inspired designs of Manooi and the minimalist work of Inarchi, working collectively to form a space that is as sophisticated as it is innovative.

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