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Apr 26, 2019

Eagle Lighting: The Ideas, Trends & Inspirations

Eagle Lighting offers superior lighting solutions from start to finish. We spoke to the Projects Director, Robin Lewis, about what inspires the brand and what trends to follow…

What’s your go-to classic colour choice?

“In lighting we use the reflection from surfaces to set the moods and tones for rooms and areas but the choice is definitely subject to the project. In a home we might be more adventurous and use a colour that is currently in fashion but in an commercial environment we may play it safe using greys, whites and blacks. One of the current lighting trends is to have a natural background and then introduce a stand out colour in the luminaires i.e. black ,grey or rose gold.”

Is there a hotel, interior or building that’s most inspires your work?

“There is no single project that inspires me the most but I am amazed by how the use of exterior lighting on buildings and in public spaces have the ability to completely change the perception of a space. Hyllie Square in Malmo, Sweden was recently completed and for me this was a brilliant example of where the use of different lighting levels can be used to deliver a breath taking effect.”

A place you love to visit?

“Hong Kong is a definite contender for my favourite place to visit, as once a year I attend the international lighting show which showcases the latest lighting trends. It is a bustling city where east meets west.”

Where do you go to spot new styles?

“The Hong Kong International Lighting Fair never fails to deliver new styles and trends. Spending 5 days there always leaves me excited to head home and introduce the new trends and latest products into my projects.”

Do you have a favourite restaurant?

“Definitely not a favourite restaurant, but a favourite zone. Bree Street in Cape Town is top on my list, as the number of quality restaurants is astounding and offers anything from fine dining to street food. Also an amazing plus for the Cape Town locals.”

Who or what is your biggest design influence?

“Architects and Engineers in the lighting fields play a pivotal role in the lighting industry as without the design and vision of these individuals who challenge lighting consultants to deliver their vision, our jobs would be boring.

It’s our collaboration with these role players that inspire us to get creative and find the best solution for the projects.”

Any interesting projects you are working on?

The exterior of buildings in South Africa is undergoing a massive change in facade lighting. Most of the newly built or renovated buildings are trying to stand out from each other by introducing interesting lighting effects, whether it is by multi coloured LED RGB’s or by clever use of led exterior luminaires. Currently we are busy with a number of such projects in Cape Town so watch the skyline ….”

Eagle Lighting is the leading lighting retailer with the largest lighting showrooms in the Western Cape, offering the widest range of light fittings and lighting accessories. They have knowledgeable staff available in each of their superstores to assist you with any of your lighting requirements.

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