Do’s & Don’ts of lighting

Lighting has the power to change the mood, atmosphere or feeling in a room. It gives you the power to exaggerate the space at the flick of a button. Lighting options are reliant on the products available and your imagination: with this combination, your look will always feel personalised and illuminated.

Here are some DO’s & DON’Ts to think of when it comes to lighting: DO think of lighting as a creative medium When you buy lights and lamps, it is just as important to consider their illuminating effect as it is to judge their shapes and looks. DON’T be satisfied with just an overhead light Don’t be afraid to mix your space up with table lamps, floor lamps, sconces and overhead fixtures. While it’s not necessary to have them all in every room, there should be at least two. DO consider atmosphere Coloured filters and gels change the mood and feeling of a room: look for colours that suit your style and charm. DON’T be bound by one level of brightness Try not to let general light be all one level of brightness. If possible, always install dimmer switches for all lighting fixtures: these will allow you to control their intensity at the touch of a finger. DO take care when lighting art Tungsten or incandescent light fixtures should not be positioned too near to works of art (especially those on paper) as they can cause heat damage. Remember that all light can cause colours to fade. Whatever the bulb type you choose, a (UV) filter should always be used to minimise harmful rays. DON’T overdo it Light architectural features with tiny halogen spots, anchored as inconspicuously as possible, rather than to subject them to a full-frontal assault. DO pay attention to transition lighting Hallways and staircases should be lit with simple lights. Anything large or overly ornate can clutter or appear to reduce the size of these areas. DON’T ignore the shade As a rule of thumb, choose a shade that is two-thirds the height of the base – this proportion assures that the lamp won’t look top- or bottom-heavy. DO hang pendants properly Pendants should be placed 70 to 85cm above the countertop or island, or 180cm above the floor – they should be low enough to provide good illumination for working but not so low that you are staring directly into them. DON’T forget shadows If you must go with an overhead light, choose a longer, horizontal fixture (instead of one with a single bulb).
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