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Lighting Jun 1, 2021

Designer Lighting & Decor From Honey Badger Deco

We all know that amazing design often starts off with one simple idea. This is true for Honey Badger Deco. Like a light bulb going off in a dark room Honey Badger Deco was born with the idea of creating great lighting.

When the team couldn’t find suitable lighting for their own personal project, they decided to create their own and through word of mouth, one simple idea turned into a growing, flourishing business which has supplied lights to restaurants, local and international households and boutique stores within months of launching.

Why the Honey Badger you might ask? Because Honey Badgers are fearless, bold and master problem solvers and the team behind this brand strives for the same with each decor piece.

Honey Badger Deco is modern, Eco friendly and inspired by nature. Subsequently, this love of nature is what keeps the team mindful that products need to minimize the impact on the environment.

“We do our best to be green and strive for great designs that are less wasteful and easy to recycle. The Honey Badger story is just getting started.”

Some of our favourites include…

Basket Light Pendant

Africa wouldn’t be Africa without baskets, so naturally, this is where the design inspiration for this light has come from. Simple yet sleek and stylish, the Basket light will enhance any area.

Aqua Pendant Light

The Aqua Pendant is a tear-drop shaped pendant light. The design is easy on the eye and thus makes a statement especially when a few are grouped together. There are various sizes available.

Arty Pendant

The Arty Pendant looks like an upended flower. It comes in a standard length of approximately 300mm. The ‘stem’ can be lengthened by adding wooden ‘beads’. It’s thus a beautiful, creative piece and will certainly be a showstopper in any room.

Classic Shade

The Classic Shade Pendant is inspired by the traditional headgear of the Basotho people. This pendant is classy yet casual and will therefore look fabulous under a braai lapa and chic in a classic kitchen. The Classic Shade will compliment any space.

Lampadina Globe Pendant

The Lampadina is a globe-shaped pendant light, the screw thread base is made of concrete. It can be turned into a wall sconce by adding a pulley style wall bracket or into a table lamp with a switch. This unique light is versatile and eye-catching.

A Story of Sustainability

“We source our wood from suppliers that avoid the exploitation of native forests and ensures employment and income in the countryside for many families.”

Honey Badger Deco, therefore, uses high density fiberboard (HDF) which provides superior flexibility because it is produced from 100% Pinewood. It has a very light colour, excellent dimensional stability, uniform and smooth surface. It is FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council® – FSC-C115987) certified. The FSC is an international certification system that recognizes the highest levels of forest management, ensuring to its customers and consumers products of wood originated from forests managed in an environmentally responsible, socially beneficial and economically feasible manner. Annually, more than 3.5 million trees are planted, selected and transformed into raw material from this raw wood supplier.

And check out these gorgeous decor screens now available from Honey Badger Deco too (above). We love this trendy selection! Shop this and other decor and lighting at Honey Badger Deco.



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