Child proofing to prevent electrocution

If you are a new parent, you may be covering everything in your house with bubble-wrap to prevent any bumps and bruises. While this is a great idea, child proofing should go a step further. This is because electrocution is a serious hazard to children and babies, and is one that many parents regrettably overlook.

If you are unsure as to how to child proof, here are a few tips:

Think like a child

Well, perhaps thinking like a child isn’t the greatest idea. Instead, think like an adult, from a child’s perspective. Taking a low vantage point in each room of your house will give you an idea of all of the sockets that are within your child’s reach. These are the sockets on which you should focus the majority of your child proofing efforts.

Child proof sockets & adaptors

These are essential for the safety of your children, and should be the first step you take towards preventing electrocution. Child proof sockets prevent children from sticking any items whatsoever into sockets. Moreover, some safety sockets & adaptors also prevent children from pulling plugs and cables out of the wall.

Be aware of cables

Aside from being a choking hazard, cables can be very dangerous to children. They are easy enough to trip over, and a firm pull will remove them from their sockets, leaving the sockets exposed. To prevent any mishaps, make sure to shorten any cables that are unnecessarily long. Also, make sure that you secure any cables that run across the ground, as your child can easily trip over these. Finally, don’t allow any appliance cables to hang over the edge of your kitchen counter; these are too tempting to inquisitive children. When it comes to preventing electrocution there is essentially one area in your house on which to focus – the sockets. Being the only source of electricity, these are the biggest hazards. Child proof sockets are a great safety measure for these outlets. As far as cable pulling goes, safety sockets & adaptors are very important preventatives. But it is most important to simply be aware of all of the possible electrical hazards in your house to properly protect your child. You can’t ever fully prevent accidents, but taking the above precautions will certainly reduce their probability.

Watch a video on child proofing here Contact: ACDC Lighting


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