An emergency light that offers safety and comfort during power outages

Available from Legrand, the Arteor Emergency Light range is designed to help South Africans better cope with ongoing power cuts, and includes a miniature emergency lighting unit which automatically lights up in the event of a power failure. “This Arteor emergency lighting device, which enhances security and comfort in homes, hospitals, hotels and offices, illuminates immediately when there is a power outage,” says Johan Bosch, General Manager of Legrand Southern Africa. “A special feature of this unit is that the light fitting can be easily unclipped from the mechanism and used like a conventional torch – a handy facility when a room is suddenly plunged into darkness during load shedding. Although this removable lighting unit is small, its illumination is powerful, effective and comforting in any environment. Light-emitting diodes (LED’s) indicate the mains and charging status.” These mechanisms are available in white, with a selection of seventeen cover plate design options, including woven metal, red mirror and marine leather. Other finishes, such as plastic, metal, tattoo, wood and brushed steel are available to boot. The Arteor range of wiring devices enables users to ‘mix and match’ the design option and type of finish for any control function. An added advantage is that these combinations can be changed at any time to suit your exact requirements. Legrand offers the local market a choice of modern stand-alone Arteor devices, including simple switches, as well as the combination of many system functions, including the most advanced home automation solutions. Arteor devices have been designed for aesthetic appeal, flexibility, energy efficiency, quality power supply and optimum safety in renovations and new installations. Other Legrand products, which help to minimise the negative effects of power outages, include home automation devices, a reliable uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system, inverters and DLP LED trunking.

Emergency Light
This range is available from Legrand and its national distributor network. The company offers a technical advisory and support service throughout Southern Africa. Visit:


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