Add A Little Sparkle With Radiant Lighting & The Perfect Chandelier

Add a little sparkle to your interior with a bold chandelier. An iconic lighting choice, a chandelier has a magical presence in any room. It adds charm, luxury, shimmer and so much more. Here we share some ways to decorate with chandeliers, thanks to Radiant Lighting.

Where to start?

With so many amazing lighting options on the market today, it’s important to browse around before deciding on your chosen chandelier. Start by determining the style of your room and where your chandelier will hang. Is it a traditional or classic space? Or does your room lean towards a more modern aesthetic? Perhaps it is a farmhouse style? Whatever your design, be sure to consider the dimensions and look of your chandelier to complement your existing design scheme.

Dimensions matter

Next, size, material and colour are important. Your chandelier should complement your interior and add to the beauty of the space. As such, it should not be too small for a large room, or too large for a smaller room. Measure up and be sure to check the size of your selected chandelier as well as the height at which it will hang in your room.

Radiant Lighting brings us a vast array of beautiful chandelier options for any design scheme. They are committed to a brighter future by creating lighting and electrical solutions which are beautiful by design and inspired by the environment.

Here are some of our favourite chandelier choices now available from Radiant Lighting:

Whether traditional or contemporary – the right chandelier is a timeless and valued addition to any home. It can become a feature in your space – from the living room or entrance hall to the kitchen or bedroom!

Spotlight: Radiant Lighting

The Radiant brand is recognisable in the African market, due to its reputation as a supplier of a wide range of high quality, competitively priced products. It successfully services electrical wholesalers, mass retailers, specialised lighting shops and lighting designers. Radiant prides itself on the size of its range which includes approximately 3,800 light fittings, 1000 different lamps, 1400 different electrical and over 300 LED products, making it the largest supplier of lighting and electrical products in Africa. The company is constantly expanding its range of innovative and aspirational products.

For more visit Radiant Lighting.


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