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New Vicostone Ultrathin 5mm Quartz – Thinnest Quartz Slab In The World

VICOSTONE SA will officially launch this remarkable new innovation in the next month.

The Vicostone Ultrathin Quartz slabs measure just 5mm in thickness, which makes it “the world’s leading thin quartz slab” collection. With the strength and durability of Quartz it’s a great alternative to porcelain which is often difficult to work with. The full slab size is 3.05m x 1.44m x 5mm.

It is designed and manufactured by Vicostone for ease of delivery, fabrication and installation, while ensuring that it can be easily applied to a variety of different interior surfaces, ranging from kitchen counters to fireplace cladding, wall and bathroom cladding, cupboards, staircases and furniture. Also a great and very cost effective stone overlay over damaged or ugly existing stone countertops.

Check out the introduction to the new Vicostone 5mm Ultrathin Quartz :

It is all about beauty and quality with Vicostone 5mm Ultrathin Quartz: 


Find out more about the collection via the Global Vicostone website.  It will be added to the SA collection soon https://ultrathin.vicostone.com/quartz   OR contact VICOSTONE SA at:

Tel: 021 531 5801 / info@vicostone.co.za
: www.vicostone.co.za | Facebook: www.facebook.com/VicostoneSA

Instagram: www.instagram.com/vicostonesa

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