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Max on Top: High Pressure Laminates

Since 1995, Max on Top has worked professionally and successfully with many designers and architects, developing and supplying top-end decorative surface products.

Max on Top’s recent inclusion into the Arpa Industriale stable has given them access to more than 60 years of experience in creating the perfect combination between decor, colour, design and texture. Thanks to continuous innovation, Arpa’s finishes interpret in a unique way the material dimension of high pressure laminates. Beautifully styled and made in Italy, it combines quality properties and interesting virtues to those wishing to create interior design solutions. The range of attractive High Pressure Laminates (HPL ) available from Max on Top also includes a selection of decorative metal laminates. Special Performance Properties: • IMPACT RESISTANT Withstands impact from blunt objects without any damage • SCRATCH, WEAR AND TEAR RESISTANT The density of the product makes it resistant to scratching and wearing • EASY TO CLEAN The smooth surface helps avoid food sticking • HEAT RESISTANT A change in temperature does not affect the properties of the product • HYGIENIC The non-porous surface makes it hygienic and easy to clean • SUITABLE FOR CONTACT WITH FOOD Hygienic and resistant to heat, the product is suitable for contact with food Over and above, HPL is also anti-bacterial and fire resistant. These qualities enhance the opportunity of the product being applied in public places, particularly in areas which demand a high degree of hygiene, eg. kitchens, hospitals, hotels, etc. The product is easy to fabricate and install and high on the list of specifiers and manufacturers when requiring the choice of application for a decorative, but durable surface. Although quite suitable for vertical surface applications, due to its durability, High Pressure Laminates are also a common choice for horizontal surfaces, including countertops, desktops and high traffic retail applications. Contact: Max on Top

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