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Max On Top: Compact Arpa HPL For Different Interior Design Solutions

Since 1995, Max on Top has successfully been developing and supplying top-end decorative surface products to many Designers and Architects. In 2014, Max on Top embarked on a ‘backward integration’ initiative with their factory Arpa Industriale, which is based in the South of Milan, Italy. This merger with their supplier has enabled Max on Top to take advantage of specialised resources, protecting the quality of their products and the services they render, at highly competitive prices.

Max on Top Compact Laminate panels are pressed under high pressure. These panels are used for interior applications which require a particularly resistant, but decorative design. They are available in thicknesses between 2mm and 16mm and are perfect for applications with extreme demands.

The Compact Laminates are available in the Arpa® HPL (High Pressure Laminates) for interior décor and designs, viz. Solid colours, Fantasy and Woods.

Fenix NTM® Solid Compact laminate is also a winner in the Max on Top® range of products. The product is available in 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12mm thickness and comes in black core and colour core.

Interior Designers, Architects and Furniture Manufacturers are delighted with the wide range of typologies, thicknesses and colours which Max on Top® Compact Laminate/ Fenix NTM® Solid Compact Laminates offer. The uniqueness of this versatile product allows great creative freedom and inspiration without restraint. The specific qualities of each typology make Interior Compact and Fenix NTM® suitable for numerous applications.


Due to high density and resistance to humidity Max on Top® Solid panels are perfectly suited to wet areas, such as shower cubicles, swimming pool lockers, etc.

Other ideal indoor applications include:
furniture • tables • desks • wall cladding • infill panels • partitions • cleanrooms such as operating theatres • laboratories • bumper rails • changing cubicles

Special Performance Properties of HPL Compact & Fenix NTM® Solid:
• Impact resistant
• Scratch, wear and tear resistant
• Easy to clean
• Heat resistant
• Hygienic
• Suitable for contact with food
Additional Fenix NTM® Solid Compact Properties:
• Low light reflectivity
• Thermal healing of microscratches
• Anti-fingerprint
• Soft touch
• Resistance to micro-scratches and abrasions
• High resistance to acid solvents and household reagents
• Enhanced anti-bacterial properties

HPL Compact Laminate – Sheet Sizes (3mm to 16mm thicknesses):
2440 x 1220mm
3050mm x 1300mm
4200mm x 1300mm
4200mm x 1600mm
4300mm x 1850mm

Fenix NTM® Solid Compact Laminates (10mm and 12mm):
4200mm x 1600mm

This decorative, structural product is high on the list of Specifiers and Manufacturers when choosing an application suitable for both decorative and durable surfaces. It is also easy to fabricate and install and is suitable for both vertical and horizontal surfaces, including countertops and desktops.

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