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Sep 13, 2013

Waffling with Yuppie Chef

Have you ever seen those pictures of decadently decorated waffles that you just want to fly away with on a rainbow? We did this morning and we cant wait to tell you about it. What you will need is a  Lékué silicone waffle mould from Yuppie Chef, your chosen waffle mix, some creativity and a mouthful of humour to have fun with while dressing up some delectable desires. This is what we will be doing this weekend to warm up our hungry tummies. Here is what got us inspired to make our weekend a waffle filled one.


What a waffle of waffles, we want to waffle on about waffles all day!


We definitely need this in our kitchen!

Waffles have even inspired fashion and décor. We want a weekend full of waffles to celebrate our love for them! Get involved and send us your favourite waffles moments to and we will share them. waffle-weave-in-fashion-and-decor

Happy Yuppie Chefing

yuppie chefing

Take a look at how to utilise the moulds here. 

If you prefer a machine to do all the work for you, Yuppie Chef also offers the Waffle Machine in a funky Red Flavoursome Colour take a look here.  

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